Dry-Cleaning Services *

Please, indicate which items need to be dry-cleaned by putting them in a separate bag.

Dry cleaned and pressed
$ 5.99
Full-body item
Coat, dress, jumpsuit, sari
$ 14.99
Top half-body item
Blouse, jacket, sweater, vest
$ 8.49
10% off
Bottom half-body item
Skirt, pants, shorts
$ 8.49
10% off
Accessory item
Tie, scarf
$ 8.49

All dry-cleaning orders take 48-72 hours to complete.

Wash & Fold Services *

All wash & fold laundry is charged based on weight. Shirts can be wet washed and pressed if desired.

Laundered Shirts
Wet cleaned and pressed
$ 3.50
Wash & fold laundry
Washed, dryed and folded
$ 1.95/lbs
Best value
Any size
$ 1.95/lbs
Any size
$ 1.95/lbs
Table cloth
Any size
$ 1.95/lbs

All wash & fold orders take 24-48 hours to complete, unless the order contains dry-cleaning items. In that case, the order will be completed in 48-72 hours.

Miscellaneous Items

Pick-up and delivery
Included with every order
Rush delivery
Same day delivery for wash & fold orders only. Order must be picked up before 10am.
Call to check availability.
No-show fee
No-show fee is charged if there is no order available for pick-up when our driver stops by your location. Please, cancel your pick-up to avoid a no-show fee.
Special access fee
Special access fee is charged if our delivery driver has a difficult time delivering or dropping off your order. To avoid this fee, please provide us with an access code when placing your order or be available to open the secured entry at your residence if you live in an gated community, apartment complex or condominium which require special access.
Late payment fee
All delivered orders are payable immediately. If your credit card on file is declined, you will be charged a late payment fee. In addition, an interest will be charged on all unpaid orders at 2% per month.

* All dry-cleaning and wash & fold laundry orders are subject to a $30.00 minimum order charge.